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Veterans Dance Report

Our "Give Thanks to Our Veterans" Dance was so very successful and we certainly appreciate all who participated. We had a total of 58 attendees, including not only quite a few Viet Nam veterans but also a WW2 veteran and a Korean War Veteran. The WW2 Veteran actually won one of the door prize drawings. Almost everyone dressed in military uniforms, military costumes, USO costumes, or red, white, and blue.

We also conducted a supplemental Cafe 225 drawing. It was won by Myra, and it wasn't even rigged. This drawing even allowed us to realize a profit from the dance! To keep it honest, our

Queen Wendy selected all of the tickets.

I was so appreciative of working with such an outstanding Dance Committee, including

Musicman Tim Inouye, Jim Renfro, Robin Graves, Yvette, Dee and Waino, Carol and David, and Hilda and me. It was so wonderful to have had the opportunity to get to know these fantastic people so much better. What an amazing advantage to serving on a Dance committee!

The hall was decorated in quite an exquisite fashion, with mannequins on stage, dressed in military uniforms, several American Flags and American Flag bunting decorating the stage,

USO Posters with red, white, and blue stars interspersed between. Thanks also to Cheryl for the loan of her U. S. Public Health Service uniform.

The evening casually began with a Nightclub Two Step lesson from Eileen. She did a great job.

She also did well in presenting her Performance Team (pictures above) and they were indeed exceptional in providing a veterans dance as our entertainment.

The other picture above is from our slide presentation of pictures submitted by our Club's many veterans. We also offered a match game for our attendees to test their abilities to match submitted pictures to selected member's names. Maria Helm and Carolyn Richards tied for the most correct answers. David and Carol provided the prizes for the winners.

The potluck food donated by our members was truly delicious, in my opinion, and that of others I surveyed. We decorated the tables with red, white, and blue and with flags of the various service branches highlighting the centerpieces. Thanks to Carol and David for providing those.

Tim played multiple mixers, which everyone seemed to enjoy. We also had a Veterans Honor Dance, which resulted in a quite full dance floor. VSD should be quite proud of all of our veterans. Tim also played appropriate military themed music during dinner.

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