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Anniversary Dance 2016 -- Write Up

Our Anniversary Dance was glowing with musical instruments on stage plus gold saxophones spewing out glittering notes and bold color.

Linda & Johnny Guttierrez along with Margo Giles created a wonderful Chicken Marsala & eggplant dinner – great flavor – thank you. Linda Lansdowne and Sue Giampietro worked wonders on the décor, while Steve and Tom manned the door -and the cash box – so grateful to each of you.

Cheryl Levitan edited and created a musical evening with so many of our favorite songs for dance and Dean Levitan made it happen. Dean also manned the lights which has become a technical art. (be sure to ask him about that ) Karl Richards filled in from beginning to end on every detail that needed attention. Queen Wendy Storey pulled out all the winning tickets for door prizes and one table had great luck!

A fun-filled, flirty West Coast Swing was the highlight of the evening, performed by Amanda and Matt Thurston, as it told a cute story of dance and romance. But then --- Matt and Amanda also preformed a waltz – which would be a romantic 10 on Dancing With The Stars. They are sooooo special.

The cleanup committee was enhanced by club members who pitched in and wrapped up everything in about 20 minutes – what a nice thing to do – thank you so much!

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