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Message in the Bottle

The nautical night, Message in the Bottle attendees were greeted by first and second mates, Jaime and June Aguet. The evening set sail to gentle waves of a Bolero lesson taught by Sheila O'Conner. The tables were decorated with blue and white striped runners along with fishing net and shells. The stage anchor kept us from unnecessary drifting away from our position of dance. The scene was accented by a V formation flight of seagulls across the sunset. The members provided their distinctive sumptuous food , variety of salads, hot dishes, and exquisite desserts that everyone enjoyed.

Lotti Carr (Co-Chairwoman ) took the lead and planned and organized our successful evening, she also was very creative with decorating the hall. Thank you Lotti.

General dancing started after dinner to variety of splendid music played by our DJ John Gutierez. Thank you John. Entertainment was provided by Bart and Nancy Ramentas, choreographed by Dan Goss. They performed a vibrant Tango and playful Cha-Cha. Thank you Nancy and Bart for your performance.

Our Committee members were Lotti Carr, Jaime and June Aguet, Becky Paschall, Mia Garcia, Joe Maciel and John Guiteriz, DJ. Paul and Wendy Story also helped with a special decorating project. Thanks to all the committee members for making this dance possible, from decorating to cleaning up, and helping throughout the evening. Thank you all for attending, you made the dance a success.


Your Captain and Chairman Cary S. Winslow

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