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Summer Sojourn Write Up

Our well attended June dance had a bicycle theme. Marshall and I were committee chairs. In addition, we had great help from our committee members--Jaime and June Aguet, Sally Holden, Garry and Wendy Paden, Waino and Dee Peterson, and music man Tim Inouey. The committee enthusiastically decorated the dance hall with bicycles and bicycle accessories. Special mention goes to Tim, Garry, and Wendy for the arrangement of props and bicycles on the stage.

The evening began with a tango lesson given by Dan Goss. Then, as usual, the buffet was abundant with delicious salads, entrees, and desserts. We dined with a background of opera music. General dancing began at 8 pm.

Entertainment was provided by new members Matt and Amanda Thurston. This young couple is newly married, having begun dancing together at Brigham Young University. Amanda grew up in Visalia and had studied dancing; but Matt, who grew up in Idaho, began dancing in college. They have a spark of magic in their performance that captivates their audience. Their first dance was a Tango followed by a Fox Trot. We were so lucky to have them dance for us and look forward to future performances.

Thanks to all of you who attended and to all the committee members who helped make this dance a success.

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