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A Letter of Thanks

The past two years that I’ve served as VSD Queen has been an amazing experience and so I’m grateful for all of the support I’ve received. This past year has been particularly challenging for me and I need to thank a few people for helping me. Bob and Maria Helm took me to the San Fernando Valley Coronation and gave me a lot of moral support. Shane and Myra Neilson were wonderful, Shane was my escort twice and they drove both times, even renting an SUV so I would be more comfortable, so incredible. Paul and Wendy Storey attended most of the coronations this spring and Paul was my escort twice, I really appreciated their company. Special thanks to Margaret Moholt and Carol and David Bixler who have been so supportive and encouraging. Carol, I won’t forget washing that huge pile of dishes!

Carolyn and Karl Richards were the driving force behind my last coronation and last fall they spent hours talking to me when I was thinking about stepping down as Queen. Thank you for being there for me and I’m so glad I continued. I discovered that I had missed out on befriending a group of single ladies who are remarkable and I’m richer for getting to know them.

Lastly, I want to thank my daughter Melody Mar who has been my rock and though she didn’t get to wear a tiara at my coronations she’s still a princess!

I’m so happy that Wendy Storey is our new VSD Queen, she was a joy to work with planning for her Coronation and I know that she will be an amazing ambassador for NSD.

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