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Mardi Gras Dance

Feathers, colorful beads, and masks decorated the tables as 50 VSD members and guests arrived for a festive Mardi Gras evening dinner dance at the Exeter Memorial Hall. Dan Goss taught a lively Samba lesson and attendees were treated to a bountiful buffet table after which dancing began with great music by Greg Uichanco.

Maria Helm and Joan Dewey were the very capable chairs of this event which featured two of our members as the evening entertainment. Introduced by MC Caryl Creason, Domi Aville performed a beautiful Bolero with her instructor, Dan Goss. Immediately following, Margaret Moholt, also with Dan Goss, executed a flawless Tango. Our special thanks to these two ladies for adding a special touch to our evening.

Additional committee members Manuel Madril, Barbara Uichanco, Don Hanson, Wendy and Garry Paden helped make the evening flow smoothly doing the many duties which make a dance possible. We extend our thanks to them and to our members for attending and making our Mardi Gras 2016 a success.

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